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Modem (Synthpop Brasileño)

Modem is a underground brazilian synthpop project created by Edson F. and Claudio S. in 1993. They started their experiments in an old Casiotone, recording in K7 tapes. Their majors influences was Depeche Mode, Human League, Kraftwerk and 80′s sounds synthpop.

The song “Fell The Rain”, released in 1994, was the first big single. In the following years, with the support of the DJ Marcelo Pastel (from Ultramode Zine fame), the band recorded some demo-tapes, like “Out Break” and “Test Drive” (featuring the first version of “Deep Space”) and hits the brazilian synthpop scene. In 1999, the duo plays in the memorable Eletrone Festival, realized in Recife, as a opening act for brazilian major electronic acts like Biopsy (Aghast View), Harry, Loop B, and others.

In the 00′s, the duo works some songs with the producer Fabio Nasa (Fractal feelings), but Claudio S. leaves the band some time after that, leaving Edson as one-man-band. In 2003, Modem plays in the Bioeletric Festival together with Aire ‘n Terre and opening for MHz, from Argentina.

Transmission In Time is a compilation featuring 15 tracks recorded between 1993 and 2008.


01. Paralized
02. Final Haze
03. Level 03
04. Another Day
05. Don’t Touch
06. Empty Days
07. Graphic Novel
08. Authority
09. Creastfallen
10. Deep Space
11. Feel The Rain
12. Bioeletric
13. Die and War
14. Fading Memories (Aire n’ Terre feat. Modem)
15. Empty Days v.02


Modem, one of the major bands in the brazilian synthpop 90′s/00′s scene is finally back with brand new songs.


01. Hedgehog
02. Red Sky
03. Rock My Beat!
04. You Make Me Feel


Complete ep – 38MB – MP3 320kbps + Cover Art JPG

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  1. Gracias por difundir el trabajo de mi banda, deseo el éxito de tu blog!

  2. Obrigado por compartilhar o seu trabalho, o meu blog está à sua disposição. Parabéns e Feliz Natal para toda a banda e família!
    Pode se juntar a nós no Facebook como: Depeche Mode Tributo Argentino


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