jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

The KernFusion Megamix

Track List:

1. Any Second Now (Kernfusion V2)
2. Stripped (Reconstructed 2008 Remix)
3. A Question Of Lust (Kernfusion)
4. Fly On The Windscreen (1985 Reconstructed Maxi)
5. The Landscape Is Changing (12 Inch Mix)
6. Mercy In You (Final Kernfusion)
7. In Your Room (Kernfusion 2)
8. Kingdom (Kernfusion)
9. Higher Love (Final Fusion)
10. Stories Of Old (Kernfusion)
11. Hole To Feed (Kernfusion)
12. The Things You Said (Kernfusion)
13. Two Minute Warning (12 Inch Mix)
14. Monument (Dominatrix Remix 2007)
15. Policy Of Truth (Kernfusion Mix)
16. Lie To Me (Kernfusion)
17. The Sun And The Rainfall (Victim of Harmony - Final Mix)
18. Shake The Disease (Fragment Orbital Remix 2007)
19. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Speak & Long Mix)
20. Blasphemous Rumours (Carbon Fusion Final Mix)
21. Leave In Silence (Personal Silence (Kernfusion))
22. Puppets (Re-Unification Mix Final)
23. Oh Well (Dominatrix Hypnotic Remix)
24. Nodisco (81 vs 2008 Remix)
25. Told You So (1984 Redub Extended)
26. Halo (Madtracker Remix)
27. But Not Tonight (Old Style Extendet Mix)
28. Better Days (Photographic Mix)
29. Photographic (Ektom vs Dominatrix Remix 2008 )
30. Home (Ultra-Vox)
31. I Want It All (Sonic Kernfusion)
32. Black Celebration (RE-FX Mix)
33. Somebody (Long Kernfusion)
34. Wrong (Kernfusion)

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