miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Great Grey Owl Archive (Vol. 3)

1. Stardust (7'' Ultra Dance Mix)
2. Something To Do (Black Strobe Edit by Great Grey Owl)
3. Surrender (Snowman Remix)
4. The Darkest Star (New Light Extended Remix '2006)
5. World In My Eyes (Daniel Miller Edit by Great Grey Owl)
6. Strangelove (Multiplexer Remix)
7. Sometimes (Extended Violin Mix)
8. Precious (Neuro Guitar Detoxx Mixx)
9. Newborn (Strange
Mode Remodeling 7" Mix)
10. New Dress (12'' Homogenic Extended Remix)
11. Macro (One Evolution Mix)
12. Lilian (UK 7" Dance Machine Remix)
13. Halo (7" DTX Electro Remix)
14. Dirty Sticky Floors (Lexicon Avenue Dub by Great Grey Owl)
15. John The Revelator (Paris Trance Mix)
16. Precious (Lab Mix)
17. World Full Of Nothing (Extended Mysterious Mix)
18. I Am You (Astral Balance Mix)
19. Enjoy The Silence (Extended Unplugged Mix '2007)
20. I Am You (Plazmatix Dance Mix '2006)
21. Judas (Cold Swimming Remix)
22. Memphisto (October Depressive Mix)
23. Mercy In You (The BRAT Edit by Great Grey Owl)
24. Never Let Me Down Again (Mosaic Stars Extended Mix)
25. New Dress (Homogenic Dub)
26. Enjoy The Silence (Stagner Remix-Edit '04)
27. Dirty Sticky Floors (Control Mix)
28. Hold On (Extended Remix '2004)
29. Strangelove (Great Grey Owl 7" Remix '07)
30. The Sweetest Condition (Excited Remix '2003)
31. Personal Jesus (US 7" Star Bomber Radio Edit)
32. Nothing (Extended Version by Great Grey Owl)
33. Home (Great Grey Owl Club Mix)
34. Damaged People (Kling Klang Mix)

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