miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Great Grey Owl Archive (Vol. 2)

1. Enjoy The Silence (N.Y.C. Professional Instrumental)
2. Home (Great Grey Owl Club Dub '2006)
3. It's No Good (Great Grey Owl Mix)
4. Introspectre (End Of Day Mix)
5. John The Revelator (New Year Space Mix)
6. Lovetheme (Echo Slap Mix)
7. Halo (DTX Electro Instrumental 7" Remix-Edit)
8. It's Called A Heart (Evolution Dance Mix)
9. Only When I Lose Myself (Great Grey Owl Dub)
10. My Joy (Single-Edit By Great Grey Owl)
11. More Than A Party (Bluegrass Mix)
12. Nothing (New
Mode Extended Mix)
13. Never Let Me Down Again (Mosaic Stars Radio Edit)
14. Oh My Love (Cosmic Rhythm Edit)
15. Now This Is Fun (New Star Mix)
16. Strangelove (Extended Version by Great Grey Owl)
17. Shouldn't Have Done That (Reanimator Mix)
18. Nothing (US 7" Edit by Great Grey Owl)
19. Only When I Lose Myself (Owl 12" Instrumental Mix)
20. Painkiller (Polymer Mix)
21. Photographic (Bright Light Dub)
22. Stay (Tomorrow Ambient Mix)
23. Martyr (Great Grey Owl Acoustic Remix Edit)
24. World In My Eyes (Extended Version by Great Grey Owl)
25. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Excellent Synthetic Mix)
26. The Great Outdoors (Pre-Deformation Mix)
27. To Have And To Hold (Double Trouble Mix)
28. When The Body Speaks (String X Mix '2002)
29. The Playing Megamode (Angel's Great Grey Owl Megamix)
30. Tiny Girls (EGO Mix)
31. The Darkest Star (Club SP 12" Remix)
32. Strangelove (
Mode To Dubb)
33. Stand Up (Jazz Mix)

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