jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009

Great Grey Owl Archive (Vol. 1)

1. Big Muff (Mother F Hammer Off You Mix)
2. Death's Door (Emotion Joy Mix)
3. Higher Love (Unbreakable Slow UK Remix)
4. Judas (Cold Swimming Extended Mix)
5. Lilian (Trance
Mode Violation Mix)
6. Jazz Thieves (Extended Dark Mix)
7. Lost In The Stars (String X Classical Mix)
8. Macro (Distant Earth Mix '2006)
9. Martyr (Nightlife Truth Extended Mix)
10. Memphisto (Dallas Mix '2006)
11. Behind The Wheel (Extended Version By Great Grey Owl)
12. Black Celebration (Darkest Dance Extended Mix)
13. Strangelove (Extended Oxygene Mix)
14. Suffer Well (Techno Positive DTX Mix)
15. Das Lied Vom Einsamen Mädchen (Mixator Edit)
16. Enjoy The Silence (Dreamland Instrumental)
17. Death's Door (Exit-Live Remix '2005)
18. Painkiller (Relax Mix)
19. Route 66 (Nile Rogers Edit by Great Grey Owl)
20. Sister Of Night (Night Fly 7'' Mix)
21. The Darkest Star (New Mix)
22. The Sinner In Me (Beyond Mix)
23. I Need You (Ladytron Edit by Great Grey Owl)
24. I Want It All (Acid Amylnitrate Mix)
25. In Your Room (Atmosphere Chorus Mix)
26. Free (Goablaze Dancefloor Mix)
27. Enjoy The Silence (N.Y.C. Professional Extended Mix)
28. Headstar (Mixmaster Atmosphere Edit)
29. Insight (Techno Soft Mix)
30. I Cast A Lonesome Shadow (Space Lab Mix)
31. It Doesn't Matter (Remix-Edit '2003)
32. It's No Good (Deep Water Ambient Mix)
33. Kaleid (Strangel Essential Mix)
34. Only When I Lose Myself (Great Grey Owl 12'' Mix)
35. Oh My Love (Cosmic Rhythm Mix)
36. Lovetheme (Extended Ultra Mix)

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