jueves, 9 de julio de 2009

One Universal Celebration

1. A Pain That I'm Used To (The Zombie Room Remix - Twilight's Parasites Dub)
2. John The Revelator (Hear Your Prayers Remix - Touch Faith Edit)
3. Suffer Well (Take That California Trip Remix - Motor West Version)
4. The Sinner In Me (The Sinner Have A Gun Mix - Horny Creep Edit)
5. Precious (Feelings Are Intense Mix - Come Crashing In)
6. Macro (Just For One Day Remix - Metropolis Dub)
7. I Want It All (Come On Over Remix - Agent Orange Dub Edit)
8. Nothing's Impossible (Echoing In My Mind - Favourite Darkness Edit)
9. Introspectre (Grey Sky Over A Black Town Mix - All Around Dub)
10. Free (Master And Servant Remix - There's A New Game Version)
11. Damaged People (Feel Hypnotized Remix - Fire And Mystery)
12. Lilian (Your Burning Eyes Mix - Cause Flames To Arise Edit)
13. The Darkest Star (Drowning In Time Dub - Devil's Companion Remix Edit)
14. Newborn (Foster ReRemix - This Is Freelove)

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