martes, 7 de julio de 2009

The Butterfly Effect

1. Photographic (Skinflutes Regenerated Remix)
2. Satellite (C64 Mix)
3. The Landscape Is Changing (Axis Skyline Mix)
4. People Are People (Kennet1000 Mix)
5. Stripped (Come With Me Mix)
6. Sacred (Take N-I Home To 1987 (When Grass Was Green And Girls Were Pretty)
7. Sweetest Perfection (Fatherless Child Mix)
8. Mercy In You (Jerry Jay's Moon Rain Intro Edit)
9. It's No Good (Butterfly Version)
10. Dream On (darkspringxl's Lost And Found Mix)
11. Suffer Well (Metope Vocal Remix - DaTa Edit)

1. Puppets (Fatherless Child Remix)
2. See You (Kennet1000 See You At The Dancefloor)
3. Told You So (Sleaze Dub)
4. Something To Do (901 Stomp 20)
5. A Question Of Lust (What DM Build Up, N-I Will Crumble To Dust Mix)
6. To Have And To Hold (Electro Tribe Mix)
7. World In My Eyes (Black Acid Revelation 2006)
8. Higher Love (Excerpt From Sparkle's Ambient Dream)
9. Barrel Of A Gun (Telam Project Misty Mix)
10. Shine (DFEG's Death#67C6D6)
11. I Want It All (DJ Doppler's Midnight Amber Mix)

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1. What's Your Name ? (Call Me - Jerry Jay's Hometown Remix)
2. Monument (Renty's Stormy Weather Tumbled Down Construction)
3. Pipeline (NerWraK Foundation Remix)
4. Lie To Me (N-I's Stuck In An Extended Bitter Disonating And Lamenting Loop)
5. New Dress (DJ K8T's Phreaky Phunky Mix)
6. Behind The Wheel (On The Road To Nowhere Mix)
7. Enjoy The Silence (D58's TOT Mix - Short Edit)
8. Walking In My Shoes (Skinflutes Symphonic Remix)
9. Useless (Helly's Special Butterfly Mix)
10. The Dead Of Night (Dead On Arrival Mix Version 3.0)
11. Precious (Different Mix)

1. Just Can't Get Enough (The Dark Kiss Remix)
2. The Sun & The Rainfall (Reaps Spring Time Mix)
3. Everything Counts (DreamTime Mix)
4. Stories Of Old (NerWraK Remix)
5. Fly On The Windscreen (Axis Draws First Blood Mix)
6. I Want You Now (Jerry Jay's Synthoromantic Love Dub)
7. Blue Dress (Apathy In Motion Mix)
8. Rush (And A Push And The Mix Is N-I's)
9. The Love Thieves (Instrumentalium)
10. I Feel Loved (Car Dealer Version)
11. The Darkest Star (DFEG's White Dwarf Mix)

1. Boys Say Go (DJ Matt Hite Remix)
2. My Secret Garden (delle101 Club Mix)
3. Shame (Farewell Alice Edit's The Landscape)
4. It Doesn't Matter (Speedy House Revival Mix)
5. Dressed In Black (ATOM Tumble Dry Remix)
6. Nothing (Telam Project Remix)
7. Personal Jesus (Moderately Tainted by JADMIX)
8. Get Right With Me (i0301 Relentless Mix V2)
9. Uselink (DJ Stauby Remix)
10. Easy Tiger (Combo Mix)
11. Damaged People (Steelbreeze Extended Mix)

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